Elevator Cab Ventilation

Death to the dust bunnies!

That is the anthem these days at FabACab as several clients notice and admire that our systems do not vent from the base of the cab walls. Our clients love the clean look of our base piece, but then the question comes up, “how do these cabs vent?”

Marketing claims magic, but we thought we’d share the truth. FabACab cabs vent from behind the panels. Due to the constructions of the FabACab panel system, there is a quarter inch gap left between the cab wall and the back of the wall panel. This quarter-inch gap allows enough room for the cab to vent properly with holes drilled through the cab wall.

It is important to note that each state has it’s own regulations and requirements for venting. It is recommended that installation technicians reference those codes and regulations before venting the cabs.

Whether a cab currently has vent holes in the base or not, the new reveals can cover the previous ventilation holes and new ones can be cut. In fact, we include a step drill bit for every cab that way the technicians have the proper tool to cut the ventilation holes.

So, the time has come to get rid of those ugly vents and get the nice clean finish that your cab deserves. Venting is necessary, but it does not have to be ugly!