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Finding Individuality

What makes an object unique? You may say the way it looks, sounds, or whatever function it performs. Well, what if it achieves the same function, looks identical and sounds the same? Then what makes it special?

The elevator cab industry is inundated with so many different cab interior companies who all pretty much do the same thing – sell cab interiors that look pretty close to each other. It’s almost like being a twin (which I am). My “sissy,” Abby and I look so similar that if we were to each walk in a room at a different time, you would think we were the exact same person. But, once you got to talking to each of us, you would soon learn that we are two very different people. Abby is the more laid-back and sweet twin, and I’d say I’m the more intense and go-getter twin. You wouldn’t necessarily find that out after one conversation with us, but you certainly would after getting to know us as individuals.

That is kind of the way I like to think of FabACab. Yes, we sell cab interiors, just like every other cab interior company out there, but the way we go about it is a unique process that sets us apart from other vendors. We find out who our customers are as people, and then we provide a service based on that person’s preferences and expectations. That’s what companies are supposed to do anyway, right?

Well, you’d think so, but it seems the concept of “customer service” has gone out the window with many  companies these days, not just in the elevator industry but in general. Time and time again, we hear our customers say their previous vendor(s) gave them wrong lead times, or took too long to provide pricing, or simply didn’t respond. I am glad to say this is not the case with FabACab.

 It is refreshing to be a part of a company where the customer is actually the bottom line and not a dollar amount. We love what we do because we know we are doing it well, and we know that our customers are getting a better experience than with other cab companies.

It’s always easy to jump to the vendor who is the least expensive, but the key is to find the one who fits your needs the most. Hone in on their individuality and what makes them applicable to what makes life the easiest for you and your team. Sometimes it is pricing, but maybe it comes down to who responds in a more timely fashion or who is simply a nicer company to deal with.

Just like twins, you have to really get to know a company and understand the differences in order to tell them apart. I believe that our customers can see the pride and passion we have for our product and each other as a team, and in turn recognizes our individuality as a company.

“It’s always easy to jump to the vendor who is the least expensive, but the key is to find the one who fits your needs thee most.”