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It’s a Family Thing

Walking up and seeing the sunbeam off the clean, freshly waxed paint, I grab the handle and hear the beep, and the sound of the doors unlock. Sitting in the driver’s seat, I push in the clutch, start the car, and hear the beautiful sound of the engine running clean and clear. Looking ahead, I put the car in gear, roll the windows down, and open the sunroof to enjoy the summer heat. I feel the sunbeams shining through. It’s that time again. Time for the cars to flood in and fill those empty parking lots and garages. For the people to laugh and share stories on their builds.

From young to present, my family has been all about cars. From seeing them run around the track, to seeing them sit there roped off looking beautiful as ever. As a kid, you look at a car as a toy. Man, the hot wheels I gathered up when I was younger was crazy! Racing them around the room with my dad as he made car noises from his mouth. Those were the good times. As you get older though it changes.

You now have the freedom to go and roam around the streets as you please. I remember my very first car. It was a 1994 Honda Civic red ex coupe. Thing was, it wasn’t what you’d call a dream car, but I learned to love it. All those drives from school, work, and even to a friend’s house were amazing.

Now the best part: it was time for my very first car meet. My brother and I hopped in our cars and headed off to the location. It was behind a store in Anderson. An empty lot. We arrive at the meet, park our car, and it was crazy! Cars of every kind. From stock to being slammed on the ground with a loud exhaust and a turbo kit. After that day, I learned that a car is so much more than a toy or a way of transportation. It’s a hobby that many people share and love. 

Now we jump ahead a couple of years. I now drive a 2015 blue Honda Civic Si. To this day I continue to go to races and car meets. Even if it is without my family. My love for cars will always be in my blood, and I can proudly say it’s something I will never regret. I will love it and tons of other people can enjoy it as well.

The thing I want you to take away from this is that people’s hobbies are different. To some, things don’t mean as much as they do to others. I can tell you this though: to me, a car is way more than just a way to work or even a family event; it’s my passion and what I was raised up around.